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Welcome to Saffron Scientific Histology Services. Histology is important to the scientific investigation process to establish and confirm patient diagnosis and for data compilation for researchers.

Saffron Scientific Histology Services provides histology, immunohistochemistry, and digital imaging services tailored to the unique needs of research, veterinary, physician, hospital, industrial, and surgery center clients. We provide high-quality slides and images with fast turnaround times. No request is too large or too small.

Saffron Scientific Histology Services is expert in animal, human, and plant histological solutions from medical or research sources. Samples are grossed, fixed, processed, embedded, sectioned, and stained.  We provide paraffin and frozen processing, bone decalcification, and special stains. We provide customized services to clients with specific research and diagnostic goals. We have recently added necropsy support, including necropsy supervision from our board certified veterinary pathologist and histology prosector services.

You can refer to Services page to learn what histology is and some of services (and pricing) we offer.

The business is owned and operated by three individuals with decades of combined experience in the field of histology.  All are either HTL (ASCP) certified or eligible. Many of our slides have been reproduced in journal articles and front covers, as well as in textbook chapters. When you combine that with the fact that the owners are the ones doing the work for their clients, you can expect nothing but the highest-quality services.

We have participated in countless research projects analyzing rodent, reptile/amphibian, avian, non-human primate, and samples.  With many years of experience, we have the expertise and experience to investigate, create, and implement new ideas and procedures.

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