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Welcome to Saffron Scientific Histology Services, LLC. Histology is the preparation of biological tissue specimens which allows for microscopic examination of tissue structure and cells. Histology is used to gather research data and is an integral part of many scientific investigation processes.

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Saffron Scientific Histology Services, LLC provides services tailored to the unique needs of research, veterinary, forensic, and industrial clients. We provide high quality slides and images with fast turnaround times.  We customize our services to clients needs and their specific research and investigative goals. No request is too large or too small.

Saffron Scientific Histology Services, LLC is experienced in animal, human and plant histological specimens from industrial, research, and government projects.  Our services include processing for both paraffin and frozen histology specimens. Saffron Scientific Histology Services, LLC has the capability to gross/prosect, fix, process, embed, section, stain, your specimens.  Our laboratory can also provide you with decalcification, agarose embedded cell suspension and many special stains.  We cut serial sections for morphometric and fertility studies. We are skilled in routine 5-10u cryomicrotomy and experienced in sectioning and staining of free floating 20-40u brain tissue. Our necropsy/veterinary diagnostic service is supervised by a board certified veterinary pathologist.

Our laboratory is owner operated with all individuals either HTL (ASCP) certified or eligible.  Our slide specimens have been reproduced in journal articles, covers, and textbook chapters.  We have participated in countless research projects analyzing rodent, reptile/amphibian, avian, aquatics, mammal, non-human primate, and plant specimens.  Saffron Scientific Histology Services, LLC has the expertise and experience to investigate, create, and implement, new ideas and procedures to meet our client’s needs.

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aquatic marine fish intestine

Fish Intestine, H&E, paraffin section, 5u

phloem xylem

Plant, metachromatic stain, paraffin section, 5u