About Saffron Scientific Histology Services, LLC

Saffron Scientific Histology Services, LLC is a privately held company that provides histology services tailored to the unique needs of research laboratories, universities, environmental/wildlife monitoring, biotechnology, museums, and veterinary clients. Animal, human and plant tissues are grossed, fixed, processed, embedded, sectioned, and stained for microscopic analysis. We have many years of experience and expertise in histological techniques including paraffin processing of biological tissue samples, cryomicrotomy (frozen tissue), decalcification and custom staining methods.

The Saffron team is known for high quality slides, reliable service, fast turnaround, and competitive prices. Every team member at Saffron Scientific are either HTL-certified or HTL-eligible and offer decades of combined experience in all phases of histology. The Saffron Scientific team members are published authors in several peer-reviewed science journals and textbooks.

Examples tissue types we have worked with includes:

  1. Mammals-beaver, bobcat, cow, deer, dog, hamster, horse, human, manatee, mouse, monkey, otter, pica, pig, rabbit, rat, skunk, vole, woodchuck
  2. Reptiles-lizard, turtle
  3. Amphibians-salamander, frog/tadpoles
  4. Birds-barn swallow, chicken, duck, geese, kestrel,  starling
  5. Fish- asian carp, bass, salmon, sturgeon, trout
  6. Plants -algae, coral, hibiscus, soybean
  7. Invertebrates – crabs, crayfish, squid, cuttlefish, sea star, tick, mosquito, water skipper

A few project study types have included:

  1. Cancer; altered genetics, inflammatory processes
  2. Disease analysis; bacterial(tularemia, TB, leptospirosis, paratuberculosis, fungal(Cytrid, histoplasmosis, aspergillosis)
  3. Endocrinology; hormone feedback, pathway signaling
  4. Nutrition; diet, feeding schedules, obesity, diabetes, supplements
  5. Morphometry; retinal degeneration, ovarian maturation,
  6. Muscle; dystrophy, innervation, apoptosis
  7. Neurophysiology; injury/stroke recovery, seizure induced lesions
  8. Population studies; aging, development, toxicity
  9. Reproduction; gonadal development, cycles

We are located in the Dunn-Richmond Economic Development Center in Research Park, Carbondale, Illinois.

Southern Illinois Histology Services Location

Aerials of Southern Illinois University Campus and Southern Illinois Region Dunn-Richmond Center

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