Saffron Scientific Histology Services provides histology for research, industry, environmental and wildlife management, forensics and organ procurement. Routine specimens include paraffin processing of animal,  and plants specimens, including decalcified bone and teeth. Frozen sectioning, cryomicrotomy, is available for fixed and unfixed specimens at 5-40u.  Investigation and diagnosis of animal specimens, if needed, is done in collaboration with Veterinary & Laboratory Animal Pathologist, Dr. Monty Banerjee. We offer free local pickup/delivery. In house training or on site training at your facility are available upon request.

We provide the following services included in the price of a block: fixation, processing, paraffin embedding, sectioning (1 slide/block), cover slipping, and H&E staining.

Pricing Schedule for Paraffins

Price per Block

Routine paraffin processing, includes 1 H&E slide
Processing/Embedding only
Non-Routine paraffin, (multiple cassettes to 1 block)
add'l $5.00/block
Non-Routine paraffin, multiple specimens/ cassette
add'l $2.50/block
Non-routine processing, (Large specimens)
Re-embed/blocking only
$1.50/block [16x16mm]
$2.00/block [24x24mm]
$2.50/block [37x 24mm]
$3.00/small block, formic acid or RDO;
$5.00/small block, EDTA
$4.00/large block, formic acid or RDO
$10.00/large block, EDTA
Unstained slide, pos. charge
$3.00/1st slide,
$1.50/each add'l slide/same block
Rnase free
add'l $0.25/slide
1- 2 Levels,
3-4 Levels
add'l $0.50/slide,
add'l $1.00/slide

Serial sections [2 ribbons/slide]
Serial sections [3-4 ribbons/slide],
Paraffin schroll
add'l $1.00/slide,
add'l $1.50/slide,
$3.00 ea
Coverslipping only
$0.50/slide [acrylic mount]
$1.00/slide [aqueous mount]
Photomicrograghs [jpegs]

Pricing for Cryomicrotomy

Price per Block

Frozen sections, 1 H&E slide
$10/block, 2 sxns/slide
Unstained slide

Serial sections
Serial sections/free float
$8/slide, $1.50/each add'l slide/same block,
$1.00 each add'l row/same block
$12/block/10 sxns
$10/block/24 sxns
Attach free floating sections
Biohazard Fee
Cryoprotectant infiltrate$2.00/block(up to 6mm)
Snap Freezing$10.00 for 1-10 samples

Pricing Schedule for Staining




Group I Stains

H&E, CVA, PASH, Toluidine Blue O, Safranin O
Acid Fast ZN, Oil red O
Group II Stains

Alcian Blue, Alizarin Red, ABH-OrG, Aldehyde Fuchsin, Congo Red, CVA-LFB, Gram, Giemsa, Picro-Sirius, Trichrome,
Group III Stains

Fontana-Masson, GMS, PAM, Perl's Iron, PTAH, Reticulum, Von Kossa's-CA, VVG, Wright's
IHC Pretreat [HIER, blocking, buffers]

Animal Diagnostics Fee Schedule



One-two biopsy site; same diagnosis. Includes: trimming, histology description, processing, 1 H&E slide & specimen storage for retrieval. Diagnosis is mailed or emailed to clinician.
Three or more sites; different diagnosis. Same as above, 2 cassettes, 2 H&E slides


Includes gross necropsy, trimming, and fixation. Cost depends on number of organs of interest.

Miscellaneous Pricing




Gelatin dipped slides
Knife sharpening$8/fine sharpening
Slide labels $0.05/each
+ charge slides$12/box or $0.20/slide
Coverlips [24x50] $4/box or $0.05/slip
10% Buffered Formalin $6/gallon
Bouins Fixative$18/L
Safeclear (solvent) $25/4L
Processing/embed cassettes$0.10 each or $125/case
Antigen Retrieval
[citrate buffer pH 6.0]
Reagent Alcohol-100%$12/gal
Slide mailers (5 slot)$1.00/each
Slide boxes, 100 cap. $12/each
Biopsy bag$0.50/each

(FedEx charges separate)

SSHS Equipment Training and Usage Policy

 Policy on Access to Equipment

 Most services are provided as drop off services however training and usage is available on many SSHS instruments. Training will be done at the discretion of the SSHS staff at $30.00/hr. SSHS equipment usage is $20.00/hr.

Paraffin Microtomy

Paraffin microtomy training usually takes 1-2 hour to complete. User materials are as follows: Lab coat, disposable microtome blades, paraffin blocks to section, positively charged slides and slide boxes. This material can be provided by SSHS at a charge.

SSHS Technical Training Policy

 Technical Training and equipment usage is available on a limited basis. Clients should contact Maureen Doran 618-713-3151 to discuss if training &/or equipment is available. Users are required to provide their own materials or in some cases may be provided SSHS at a charge. Equipment users are required to have safety training and follow all safety regulations when working in the Saffron Scientific laboratory.

Credit Card & P-Card Payment

There will be a 3.4% processing fee for payment with a credit card or p-card.

If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us.


Mouse adrenal, Oil Red O, frozen section, 5u